DSMC2/RANGER - Data Recovery Service

If you are having issues offloading your data, we first recommend using REDUNDEAD, our free data recovery tool. REDUNDEAD is fairly simple but is ran via Command Prompt on Windows or Terminal on Mac so we recommend following along with the step by step process outlined in the REDUNDEAD Operation Guide.

If you have attempted to recover your files through REDUNDEAD and are unsuccessful with recovering the data, then we can offer in house data recovery as well. Please submit a support request for further assistance.

How long will the Data Recovery take?

Service Orders are processed in the order they are received at RED Headquarters. RED strives to provide the fastest service possible to get your product back in your hands. Due to the sensitive nature of solid state (flash) media, data recovery may take slightly longer than standard service but most recoveries are conducted within 7-10 business days barring unforeseen circumstances.

Are there costs associated with Data Recovery?

Data recovery will be subject to RED's hourly labor rates. Please be aware that any items, including media for data recovery, that are sent in for evaluation that result in the following outcome "No Trouble Found - NTF" can be subject to a $100.00 evaluation fee regardless of any existing warranty coverage. In the event you decline repairs and request that your item be sent back to you, an evaluation fee plus shipping charge will be quoted prior to your item being shipped. For more information regarding this, please visit the RED Terms and Conditions, section 8.

Should I include an external hard drive or backup disk with my service order?

Yes, please include an external hard drive in the event that RED service technicians are able to recover any data. The backup drive should be equal to or greater than the drive(s) being sent in for recovery. If your are not able to provide an external hard drive, RED will provide one for a fee.

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