DSMC2/RANGER - Firmware Upgrade Unsuccessful


When updating firmware from 7.0.0 to the firmware upgrade may not be successful on some cameras. The firmware version on the camera can be checked under Menu > Settings > Maintenance > System Status > Camera Info.

Potential Resolutions

If you're having issues upgrading firmware, review the following:

  • Check the PWR indicator lights during the upgrade. If they at any point flash green followed shortly by flashing red, this usually indicates the wrong firmware build is detected.
  • Double-check the downloaded file to make sure the firmware matches with your camera build.
  • Make sure the force_upgrade folder is copied to the top level of the media.
  • Upgrade the camera manually by changing the force_upgrade folder on the media to upgrade. Boot up the camera and go to Menu > Settings > Upgrade > Camera.
  • Upgrade to an intermediary firmware release such as 7.0.3 first and then upgrade from 7.0.3 to the current release.

If none of these steps help, please submit a support ticket. Please include the camera serial number and a log file from the camera for the fastest response.

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