foolcontrol FAQs

What is foolcontrol?

foolcontrol is an app that is currently available for iOS and Android devices. foolcontrol allows users to remotely control their RED Camera.

Which RED cameras does it work with?

foolcontrol will work with any camera with built‐in WiFi, such as the DSMC2 line‐up or WEAPON, EPIC‐W, SCARLET‐W and RAVEN. It also works with EPIC and SCARLET when using wired GIG‐E cable + wifi router, R.C.P. Bridge module, or a third-party WiFi bridge.

The Android version of the app also includes a hard‐wired connectivity option via USB > CTRL RS232.

Do I need the newest iPhone or Android device to use it?

No, the app runs on most iOS and Android devices.

Is the App available in any language other than English?

Yes, there is currently a free Chinese language version available for Android OS and a version launching on iOS later this year.

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