DSMC2/RANGER - What is a “Lens Cap Frame”?

Lens cap frames are R3D images or clips taken with sensor fully obstructed to prevent any light from reaching the sensor. The flat, black background provides Technical Support agents a valuable tool for assessing image quality and sensor issues. 

To take a Lens Cap Frame, perform the following steps: 

  1. Remove your lens
  2. Cap the front of the camera with either a Lens Mount Cap or a Front Body Cap - the goal is to prevent any light from reaching the sensor, similar to how you perform a blackshade calibration
  3. Shoot a quick clip and export an R3D Trim from REDCINE-X PRO of a single frame
  4. Upload the R3D to the link provided by RED Support

If you have an image or sensor issue, please submit a request on support.red.com.

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