V-RAPTOR - Compatible CFexpress Media


V-RAPTOR uses the latest generation CFexpress 2.0 TYPE B media for its compact size and high read / write speeds. However, to sustain V-RAPTOR's write speeds, only a small subset are known to be fully compatible with the camera. Below is the current list of RED-tested media. Further testing is currently ongoing to expand the list of compatible media. 

NOTE: Although other CFexpress cards may be able to mount and record, they may not be able to sustain reliable write speeds over long durations and may result in lost or corrupt footage. For this reason, RED has tested a large variety of cards to verify compatibility. 

Brand Product Name

RED PRO CFexpress 660GB


Archon CFexpress Type-B 1TB

WARNING: While third-party media may be mechanically compatible with the camera system, the manufacturer is responsible for the performance and stability of third-party options, not RED. Damage to the camera system or third-party devices caused by using third-party media is not covered under warranty. The camera may be unable to record or playback footage of third-party media options.
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