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Where can I get more information about the R.C.P. SDK?

You can go to our Developer page or download the R.C.P. Bridge Operation Guide


How do I create an app for the camera?

Use the R.C.P.™ SDK and the development tools of your choice to create your app.

The R.C.P. SDK is standard C/C++, so you can use the app on many platforms (including small microcontrollers). By creating a wrapper around the API, you are not restricted to C/C++; you can use any language (including Java, Python, etc.).


What sample apps are included with the SDK?

RED® provides sample apps (and the related source code) for the following systems:

  • iOS: Optimized for the iPhone® 5 and iPhone 5S, and requires iOS 7.1 or later.
  • Android: Compatible with Windows® (7 or later), Mac® (OS X® and later), and Ubuntu Linux® (12.04 or later). Earlier versions of these operating systems may be compatible, but have not been tested. Requires Android® SDK API Level 17 or later (Jelly Bean 4.2).
  • Computer: There are two (2) apps for your computer:
    • Uses R.C.P. API
    • Uses the core functions of the R.C.P. Command Protocol without using the API

NOTE: Both apps are compatible with Windows (XP or later) and Mac (OS X or later). Both apps are based in Qt.

You can use the apps and source code as templates for creating your own custom apps. The apps are only available through the R.C.P. SDK download, and are not available in any app store.

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