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What is the RED Apple Workflow Installer?

The RED® Apple® Workflow Installer is for Mac® systems running Final Cut Pro® X or Final Cut Pro 7 (as part of Final Cut Studio). You can use the plugins in the RED Apple Workflow Installer to import REDCODE® RAW clips as native REDCODE media or wrapped in QuickTime®. You also have the option to transcode clips directly to Apple ProRes codec. The RED Apple Workflow Installer v6.0 provides the following plugins:

  • RED FCP X plugin (v2.22)
  • RED QuickTime codec (v6.4)
  • Log and Transfer plugin (v31.4)
  • Color plugin (v4.13)


How do I uninstall the RED Apple Workflow Installer?

To uninstall the RED Apple Workflow Installer plugins, you must delete the following files from Macintosh HD > Library:

  • Go to Frameworks and delete REDCODE.Color.framework.
  • Go to Application Support > Proapps  > Mio > Rad > Plugins and delete RED.RADPlug.
  • Go to QuickTime and delete REDCODE.QT.component.
  • Go to Preferencepanes and delete REDcode.prefPane.
  • Go to Application Support > Proapps and delete RED.bundle.


Trouble Finding RED Software Downloads?

If you are having trouble locating the downloads for specific RED software or plugins on, RED is aware and is working on an improved experience.

For now, even if the scroll bar does not appear on your device, the drop down menu is scrollable and is ordered as below:

  • Cameras
  • Accessories
  • Software
  • Developers
  • Utilities & Toolkits




Here are some direct links to some of the most frequently requested downloads:

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