DSMC2/RANGER - Format and Secure Format

RED cameras offer two ways to format an SSD: Format and Secure Format.


A regular format quickly reformats the SSD using the existing file structure. If you perform a regular format, you can possibly recover any footage on the SSD via REDUNDEAD. However, continually formatting (without performing a secure format) over time can create bad sectors in the SSD file structure, which leads to data-related errors. To avoid these errors, perform a secure format using the guidelines in the next section.

RED recommends performing a regular format:

  • To erase footage from the SSD so that you can record more footage, if you are recording to R3D

Secure Format

A secure format completely erases all data and rebuilds the file structure of the SSD. Secure formatting removes any footage on an SSD, and makes that footage nearly impossible to recover. Transfer any footage you want from the SSD to another drive before performing a secure format; otherwise you risk losing your data.

RED recommends performing a secure format:

  • Before each project
  • Before shooting ProRes or DNxHD/HR
  • Before each take using Pre-Record
  • If the camera shows error messages
  • If experiencing performance issues
  • Before selling or disposing of the SSD


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