RED LUT Downloads

RED has created a couple of sets of LUTs for download free-of-charge. You can find links to each below:

RED Creative LUT Kit 

Achieve the Look

Harnessing the power of REDCODE and capturing 16-bit RAW with unmatched dynamic range gives creators a limitless palette to achieve any look. These LUTs (plus 20 more) were developed in collaboration with colorist Eric Weidt (Mindhunter; Gone Girl).

RED LUT Kit Now Available - DOWNLOAD


IPP2 Output Presets

Included 32x 3D LUTs for each of the IPP2 output transform combinations with Rec. 709 and Rec. 2020. These can be used to apply the IPP2 output transforms in third party software that does not yet support the new IPP2 SDK.



Includes LUTs that map REDlogfilm to RG3 and RG4 spaces.

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