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What is DSMC and DSMC2?

DSMC® is a Digital Still and Motion Camera system that delivers ultra-high megapixel count, high frame rate, significant in-camera processing power, high dynamic range, and raw file format. The DSMC offers shooters the ability to shoot and capture both video and still images simultaneously.

"DSMC" can be used to refer to all RED cameras except the RED ONE. "DSMC" is commonly used to refer to the EPIC and SCARLET cameras, as well as the RED accessories that are exclusively compatible with these cameras.

DSMC2® is the second-generation Digital Still and Motion Camera system. This system includes the DSMC2, WEAPON, SCARLET-W, EPIC-W, and RED RAVEN cameras.

"DSMC2" is also commonly used to refer to RED accessories that are exclusively compatible with these cameras.


Configure Your Camera System

A Sales Representative can help with any questions you have about configuring your camera system. RED Sales Representatives are able to field any of your questions about RED products and can help you design your camera purchase to perfectly meet your individual needs.

You can also use the Camera Builder to configure the camera BRAIN, lens mounts, display, power, control modules, and media specifically for your shooting needs. 

Where can I find more resources?

The following resources offer additional information about RED, the camera system, and the RED community:

  • Check the official RED website for the latest information about RED products.
  • RED Learn Articles: RED offers in-depth technical articles about RED cameras, post-production, and digital cinematography.
  • Go to the RED Downloads page to download the latest firmware, operation guides, and post production software.
  • DSMC Toolkit: The DSMC Toolkit offers many helpful tools and resources to customize and improve your camera workflow.
  • Check the RED SUPPORT site for FAQs, or to file a support ticket.
  • In-Camera Help: Select the Help button on an in-camera screen to open up the help for that screen.
  • Discuss all things RED on the REDUSER third-party forum.
  • REDucation: Go to the REDucation page for more information about the practical training course that focuses on best practices for shooting with RED cameras and processing footage in post production.


What is RAW recording?

RAW recording captures unprocessed information from a Bayer Pattern CMOS sensor. This raw data comprises all color information in a single channel, and remains unprocessed in the recording chain. RAW recording allows you to adjust parameters in post production, such as color, gain, and sharpening.


What is the highest frame rate that I can record?

For a list of maximum frame rates for each resolution, go to the operation guide for each respective camera.

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