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My company would like us to deliver in 4k. I shoot in raw and prores at the same time for the speed of daily edits and to have the raw as a backup. I'm currently working in rec 709 and SDR. The footage is great and love your system. Also, we edit in Adobe. Our entire company uses the cloud.

The problem I'm having is that when I'm finished a project, I have to spend heaps of time exporting the raw for a 4k version, or use davinci for a round trip finished 4k file. These options have problems and don't work seamlessly. They also take time.

I generally shoot my exposures and color balance correctly, and the 2k rec 709 SDR file looks amazing.

I need the camera to be able to record a 4k prores rec 709 SDR file, with a raw file simultaneously for backup.

Exporting 4k proxies from the raw after every shoot, would be too slow in my working environment.

Currently when the camera is set to 4k prores, the color is in a log format. That won't work for us. We don't have anyone who can color grade log footage.

Can you please help with this?





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    Thank you for your feedback. GPU acceleration has been added to REDCINE-X and a number of NLE partners, including DaVinci v16.1.2. This will allow for faster proxy creation and transcoding in general. If using DaVinci Resolve, please be sure to enable Decompression and Debayer on the GPU.

    Regarding the the 4K ProRes 709 Proxy look, this is a hardware limitation. You can either use the steps above to create Proxies more efficiently in post, or downres to 2K Proxy files in order to add a look. 


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