R3D Parity Frames

FrameRAID : Store a parity frame of every 24th or 48th recorded frame in the R3D. 

Then if a frame is corrupted through Redmag writes, frame drops over Ethernet, transfer errors to your backups or even bitrot on stored files you can rebuild any frame the other 47 frames. 

In RCX the user workflow would be to identify a corrupt frame and frame would be rebuilt.  RCX would present the option for the user to overwrite the frame in the R3D. 

If the camera also stored a 256 bit hash for each frame, RCX could also verify RDMs automatically to ensure frame integrity and even perform repairs.    

This would dramatically improve data integrity of R3Ds with minimal CPU overhead and minimal overhead (1/49) =  2%.   

Including per-frame hashes would also streamline DIT since source-hashes would be unnecessary to generate saving time on set. 




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