IPP2 Log Only + Creative LUT (no transform) - Bake-In Proxies

I have been working with a colorist at Company 3 on projects and he and I are going to collaborate on making me some custom LUTs to use in camera.  He prefers to work outside of the Red Output Transforms and I'd love to use his LUT directly in camera.  This could work in Legacy mode, however I would not be able to record proxies with the color baked in.  The proxies in camera have become nearly mandatory on shoots now for quick turnaround times for the offline edit.  I would love to be able to have an image pipeline like this that would bake everything into the proxies.

IPP2 - NO CONTRAST, NO ROLLOFF (RWG/L3G10 pure) -> Creative LUT

I'm not sure if this is something that's possible but it would be really great to have.  It would also allow DPs to use a variety of LUTs that are not designed with IPP2 in mind directly.  I love the IPP2 workflow and have used it for years now, but it would be great to use a wider toolset, especially with custom LUTs designed by my fantastic colorist (Jamie O'Bradovich).  

If this isn't possible or not something Red is interested in pursuing I totally understand, but some folks would love to know it's not coming and work out some other solutions.  Thanks for taking the time!



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    Thank you for your feedback. An update that encompasses this request is planned for the next major firmware release.

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