Intelligent Fan Control. (also for long, quiet Takes)

It would be nice to have a Fan Setting with one Target Temp. for Standby and one maximum Temp. for Recording.
Combined with a Fan Speed to set during Recording and one Fan Speed to set for cooling down in Standby.
Since there is a range of approx. 6-7°C where the Black Shading calibration is still acceptable it would be interessting to use this range for longer, quiet Takes.

So for Example:
If the Blackshading was done at 44°C the range where the Blackshading is still acceptable would be from arround 41°C to about 47°C.

Set in the Menu, for this Example:
Standby Target Temp: 41°C
Max. Record Temp: 47°C
Max. Fan Speed Rec: 30%
Max. Fan Speed Reset: 75%

So in this Case the Cam would Startup and stabilize at 41°C during Standby Mode (similar to adaptiv 41°C).
During Recording the Fan would spin with max. 30% power (kind of Manual Mode) with the difference to automatically adjust the Fan Speed if the Temp. would drop under 41°C to less than the 30% Fan Speed to stay at min. 41°C.

If the Cam would reach the 47°C in Rec Mode the Cam would automatically add some Fan power to stabilize at 47°C.
When the Cam stops recording and enters Standby Mode it would use 75% Fan Power (similar to Manual Mode) to reset to 41°C where it stabilize again.

All of that could also be done using Other Temperatures and Fan Speeds.

I would love to see this feature in a future Software Update.



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    Thank you for your feedback. Fan noise and thermal optimization is a constant area of improvement. RED continues to update both firmware and hardware to improve this functionality.

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