Time-Lapse - Modes and On-screen Indicators

shooting time-lapse modes and the on-screen indicators. 
Currently when you shoot time-lapse your get in the lower right window the ‘timer’ showing in the audio portion the screen. Great —>> BUT when you touch that readout - you go to the audio prefs! -> not useful!  —>> needs to go directly to the time-lapse prefs window.
So 2 things that should be fixed there.
1) The ‘Timer’ readout should ALSO INCLUDE the actual frame rate selected - ie 3 seconds (between frames),  5 seconds etc. So a quick look reminds you of what you are set for and shooting at.
2) when using the touch screen on the timer (and it’s frame-rate indicator) - you go to the Time-lapse Pref (NOT the Audio Pref panel) - so you have immediate access to change the recording rate and also the other TL based controls ie frame-processing controls. and/or revert back to ‘Continous shooting modes...


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    Thank you for your feedback. Product Management will evaluate for future firmware releases as feature priorities dictate.

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