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I'm working with RED since the "ONE" and I'm always feel not really happy with the overlays to to hd-sdi out, since I'm using the camera only for movie/commercial production and they keep information which I don't need and feel distracting:

- audio track, I'd love them to disappear

- histogram and traffic lights I don't actually need them.

- the n/a in the top line about the iris should disappear when iris datas are not available

- would be great if the horizon, which now appears only at the centre of the frame, would be placed in central low position outside      the actual frame.

- lens data (when possible) outside the actual frame

Would, please, be possible to have overlay, with these specs?

thank you in advance

best regards






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    Thank you for your feedback. RED is evaluating this input as part of a potential SDI output refresh in future firmware versions.

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