Monitoring & Grading improvement

Having a difficult time with various monitoring & grading options with DSMC2 cameras.

1) No 3DLUT during playback makes 3DLUT capability useless. Please incorporate 3DLUT into playback!

2) Make interactive grading work properly with LiveGrade (and other CDL grading apps).

3) Improve interoperability of IPP2 pipeline with FoolControl. Currently, every time FoolControl connects to a camera, the camera briefly flashes LOG. Please correct this. Also, important but less so, any changes to CDL also causes this problem.




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    Thank you for your feedback. 1) Product is looking into functionality that will address this concern. 2) Can you please provide additional details regarding the issues experienced with LiveGrade? 3) For FoolControl issues, please contact the developer directly at

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  • If done properly, LiveGrade will tweak the CDL so that image changes are gradual but instantly visible. Though traditionally this has been done via LUT boxes, cameras (including RED) now have built-in CDL capabilities. In the case of Alexa cameras, you can now grade directly into the camera, so that all changes are instantaneous and visible from any monitoring output. The same feature set is coming in the next firmware update for Sony Venice. This is currently not the case with RED. One can tweak the look, then upload it to the camera, but this is not real-time and on set doesn't work in a way that is useable. Perhaps if you collaborate with the great team at Pomfort, you can find a solution that enables RED to have the same usability as other cameras and LUT devices.

    FoolControl-- The issue is not FoolControl. I have reached out to the developer who says that the fix must come on the RED side. Any connection to RED briefly causes the image to change to LOG. Any tweak to the built-in imaging controls (exposure, saturation, etc) also causes the image to flash. This is true with or without FoolControl. Please play around with the imaging menus, make changes, and see for yourself.

    Thank you!

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