RED future modification.

I chose this contact form, just to make a suggestion for the future which could be very crucial and could revolutionise film industry.
Please consider to build a RED cinema camera which will be able to record (at the same time) both normal image and depth map image. There are some cameras with two lenses that can record z-depth images and video. But you can never line up the RED camera and the depth camera so that they can shoot exactly the same frame. 
But if RED camera is the one that does both, then it will be a great contribution to film industry since you will be able to convert 2D video to 3D without having to do the very tedious and super time consuming work of rotoscoping and depth map conversion. 
You will also be able to tweak the convergence point to your liking.
You can use this depth map for depth of field, or masking, or exposure...
If the Vfx guys have a black and white depth map of the whole film, without having to create it themselves, they could do wonders!! 
The possibilities are endless... 
A cinema camera like this could sell like crazy. It's a great innovation and gives a lot of flexibility to post production.
And the last great contribution could be, changing focus in post, since you could specify a certain shade of grey in order to focus or de-focus.

Congratulation for the great work and all he high end products you deliver!!
Yiannis Stravolaimos.



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