Red Raven Dual Sensitivity CMOS

Hello Red,

I'm requesting the RED Raven to be considered for upgrade eligibility overall, especially as it pertains to low-light options.

Can a Dual Sensitivity CMOS similar to the Gemini 5K S35 be offered for the Raven?  I understand the Raven is an entry-level camera, but shouldn't owners be afforded some of the baseline features as the advanced brains namely, the Monstro, Helium, and Gemini?  I think the dual sensitivity CMOS provides a good option for a camera that wasn't meant to be upgraded anyway.  Shouldn't some features be consistent as a baseline through out all RED models?  Shouldn't low-light be considered as one of those consistent features?

I'm not requesting anything outrageous, but considering the cost of all the modules and accessories including the base $9000 for the Raven brain, I feel the camera should be better in low-light.  Could there be a modified version of the dual-sensitivity CMOS sensor as an upgrade option for the Raven? Having the ability to switch between a standard and a low-light setting would be a nice feature.  

Again, I'm just asking to please consider the Raven to be upgrade eligible at least for low-light features.  I'm a new RED Raven owner as of August 2018, so I've learned and invested a lot in three months.  Yet, I'm concerned that RED didn't fully support the camera, and now with the release of the Dragon-X, the Raven is just a slowly dying camera model with limited features compared to other models.    

Is there anything that can be done?

Thanks for considering.  Thank you for your time.





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