Implimenting Security Pin code upon booting - detailed idea inside

Hi, I'm Joe, CEO of Everest Studios ( ) I'm also a former RED owner, and looking to dip into the new Gemini at some point in time....  Based in NY I hear about cameras and lenses being stolen from time to time, and even though word gets out fast and SN numbers quickly get blocked and put on watch lists, it doesn't really prevent someone from stealing a RED camera, they could just remove the SN and use it for personal use, or sell it overseas....

My Security Idea:

Make a "enter pin #" on bootup of the camera, this can be a large or small pin depending on the user (letters and numbers). Now this would be quite annoying to a film production if every time you had to boot up to enter the pin, so allow there to be an "in transit" or "rental" mode for the pins....

It would be a pin that expires in a set amount of time/ days. Say you're renting out your RED, the rental company knows that the camera will be rented out for 4 days. You can set with a MASTER pin and create a rental pin which will expire 4 days from the time it's set. Allowing UN-obstructed use of the camera for that time, after that the camera upon next bootup will require the MASTER pin to unlock.

This can be simple to implement upon a firmware update. Also the ability to upload your MASTER pin to RED directly would be nice, so that if the camera does turn up, RED can check the camera and tie it to the SN of the body if need.

The "in transit" mode would be the same idea, a PIN required after a set amount of time, so if you know you're traveling, an easy 1 touch of a button maybe a question during the shutdown period can simply turn this on...

Maybe "Rental Pin" is the only feature needed and "in transit" is just the same idea but named differently...  in any case this would greatly reduce the sales of black market RED cameras. Sure the accessories could be sold off, but the body itself is bricked without the MASTER pin input. Whats great is only 1 person needs to know the MASTER pin, and only that person can generate the RENTAL pin, so much less chance of someone being able to steal a pin, even if someone knows the RENTAL pin, it will expire anyway in a few days time.

This also allows rental companies and owners to make sure that the rentals are in a safe hands with the possibly un-trustworthy renters knowledge that they can't use the camera after X amount of days without a new RENTAL code or the MASTER code.

Even if there is a way around this security, for the most part it would be a simple but effective deterrent from any would-be thieves with the knowledge that you need a pin.

This also ensures that if an extra day(s) is needed for a rental, it's fully controllable by the rental company generating another pin, possibly remotely through RED?  Anyway this is my idea and I think at the very least it would be an extra level of comfort added, and wouldn't really cost much extra for RED to implement this via software on the next major firmware rollout.

Let me know if this is of interest.

Joe O.





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    Thank you for your feedback. Product Management is currently assessing security feature implementation.

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