Fan Intake Air Filter

As a shooter that works outdoors a lot in air that might contain minute amounts of salt or other particulate I can see a product that snaps in where the fan intake is and has air filters built in.  As of now we have to buy bags that go over the camera but these bags make the screen hard to see and are bulky and don't work that great.  

We need a tactile product that integrates with the Red air intake directly.  Perhaps a snap in module that allows air in but also has a membrane that filters salt and particulate.  This membrane should be able to be easily replaced and cheap to do so with a packet of replacement membranes packed easily nearby.

As of now I can see the insides of my Red starting to corrode!  Also why are the main circuit boards open straight to the air intake.  They should have heat syncs that go into the air intake like blades.




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    Thank you for your feedback. Product Management is currently assessing a solution for this scenario. 

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