Overlay functionality requests

Hey folks,

Here are a few requests that are mostly contained within the broader envelope of overlays.  In no particular order:


Frame Guides - please add *thickness* as an adjustable characteristic in addition to opacity and color.

Horizon - Please add horizon [roll only] as a custom overlay item.

Font size - Please add a fourth font size in between "medium" and "large".  Rename "Large" to "Extra Large".

Overlay antialiasing - Please add text antialiasing to custom overlay text and values.

Camera Color - Please add a camera color variable in addition to camera letter. This camera color would be applied to any camera ID values in custom overlay. In other words, it would allow the camera letter to appear red [or blue or yellow or...] when Camera ID or Camera Letter is added to a custom overlay. Camera color would most logically reside in the communication menu or project menu alongside camera letter. Default value of "none" should result in white output.

Framed overlay interaction - Currently any custom overlay item appears to interact with image scaling in "framed overlay" mode. In other words, if you make the custom overlay *larger*, the image in framed overlay mode will shrink to avoid occlusion. This can result in inconsistent and unusual scaling in framed overlay mode. Please add a checkbox in custom overlay item creation to enable or disable this interaction between items and framed overlay scaling.


I'm happy to further clarify or justify any of these requests. Thanks!



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    Thank you for the feedback. The Product team is currently assessing as part of a larger complete solution. 

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