Wireless Media Sync

I would be amazing if cameras could sync while they weren't rolling.  There would be a media sync server component that they connected to and when the camera hit stop it would immediately start offloading past takes.  You could choose to only upload QTs or R3Ds and QTs.    If a camera rolls 1 hour of footage during a 10 hour day that's a lot of time for copying media even at 20MB/s. 

If you were shooting ProResLT and R3D and you rolled a 2 minute take. Called cut, you could have a copy in 15-20 seconds on a media server ready to convert to MP4 and upload or edit directly.  This would be great for giving decision makers to review on tablets and phones immediately without a separate playback system. 



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    Thank you for your feedback. The Product team will include for consideration in future development efforts. 

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