KOMODO - REDVOLT BP Batteries not charging on camera

Issue Summary:

REDVOLT BP Batteries will not charge when AC Power is connected. 


If the batteries are unable to charge on camera when connected to AC Power, this could mean that your batteries are in a travel state. The following steps can be taken to get them to be recognized by the camera:

  1. Connect AC Power to the camera, but do not power the camera on
  2. Mount REDVOLT BP to left battery slot. The DC-IN/Battery LED will flash orange then switch to solid green.
  3. Once the DC-IN/Battery LED shines solid green, briefly detach the battery from the camera, then re-mount.
  4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until the DC-IN/Battery LED remains solid orange indicating the battery is charging. NOTE: this process may take 10 or more cycles before the battery is recognized by the camera.

NOTE: The fastest way to "wake up" the batteries is to charge on a standalone charger.

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