KOMODO - CDL being Applied to ProRes RWG/Log3G10

Applies To: 

KOMODO firmware 1.5.6

Issue Summary:

If the in-camera CDL is enabled (Menu > Image/LUT > CDL) during ProRes recording, it will be applied to the image regardless of which ProRes Color Profile (RWG/Log3G10 or Image/LUT) is selected.

This would result in an altered ProRes rendition of RWG/Log3G10 which can cause confusion in post production.

This affects both ProRes Proxy files as well as the dedicated ProRes Format mode.

If the CDL is disabled, this issue does not occur. 3D LUT’s do not experience this same issue and can continue to be used.


Please avoid using CDL’s if planning on capturing RWG/Log3G10 ProRes files and instead use 3D LUTs for image preview modification until this issue is resolved.

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