V-RAPTOR - High Capacity and High Endurance CFExpress FAQ

Why are the 2 TB/660 GB and the 1.3 TB/4 TB cards the same price?

The 2TB and 660GB cards use the same hardware as do the 1.3TB and 4TB. The differences come from the software and firmware, which configure the media differently to prioritize different feature sets. The 2TB and 4TB prioritizes capacity while still providing excellent durability under normal use. The 660GB and 1.3TB are in an overprovisioned configuration of the same media to prioritize extended write cycles and improved thermal performance for constant writing and re-writing of data. The underlying hardware is identical, which is why the price is identical.

Why did you release the 660GB card first?

Through rigorous collaborative work between RED and Angelbird, the teams enabled reliable and robust support for the media in the high capacity 2TB configuration. Before this recent innovation, only overprovisioned versions of the media were able to meet the high-performance needs of the V-RAPTOR camera system.

How do you define high endurance?

The 660GB and 1.3TB cards are configured to provide increased thermal performance and total write cycles beyond standard media.

If the 660GB & 1.3TB are high endurance, what is the endurance of the 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB?

The 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB High Capacity media configuration exceeds RED’s high standards for performance and longevity – in line with the proven RED MINI-MAG technology.

What are some use cases where the 660GB & 1.3TB High Endurance media would be better suited?

The key strengths are their ability to maintain cooler thermal performance and their extended read-write lifecycle. These attributes make the cards well suited to using the camera in extreme temperature environments, or applications where the single card will experience constant writing and re-writing.

What are some use cases where the 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB High Capacity media would be better suited?

Providing life expectancy on-par with existing RED MINI-MAG, these cards will offer the best balance of capacity and performance for most users.

Can I convert my 660GB card into a 2TB or my 1.3TB into a 4TB?

No, the configuration is set at manufacturing and cannot be changed after the media has been written to.


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