Preventing Damage to SDI Outputs

Issue Summary:

Under certain circumstances it is possible for an SDI connector to incur damage when connected to an accessory and powered without using shielded cables.


RED recommends only using high quality, shielded BNC cables that are rated for 12G-SDI signals and only using shielded power cables for connecting accessories via BNC cable.

Additionally, we recommend following a specific sequence for attaching accessories connected via SDI:

  1. First, connect power to the SDI accessory.
  2. Next, connect the BNC cable to the camera, then accessory.
  3. Lastly, power the camera or accessory on/off.

When detaching an accessory mounted to an SDI output, it is recommended that you follow the following process:

  1. First, shutdown the camera and the SDI accessory.
  2. Next, disconnect the BNC cable from the camera, then accessory.
  3. Lastly, disconnect the power cable from the SDI accessory.
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