ProGrade Digital CFast Cards

Some older ProGrade Digital CFast cards may present the following warning in KOMODO cameras:

“Inserted media is not approved by RED and may result in loss of footage”

ProGrade Digital has worked closely with RED to qualify CFast cards. RED has been qualifying cards that have been shipping since Dec 2019 and contain serial number markings as shown below.

The qualified cards that will work with KOMODO have a thirteen-digit serial number on qualified cards with a “1” in the 4th and 5th spaces from the left. See the example below:

ProGrade Digital Serial Number

X X X 1 1 X X X X X X X X

If you have older CFast cards with anything other than a “1” in both of these spaces please contact and they will replace those cards at no cost. 

Please note that there is nothing wrong with the cards but they have not been qualified to work with RED cameras.

Anyone that purchased CFast cards directly from using the KOMODO20 coupon code has received the newest cards and they will work with the RED KOMODO camera system.

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