What is changing with the DSMC2 DRAGON-X?

RED has decided to enrich the firmware offered in DSMC2 DRAGON-X to support 6K capture. The DSMC2 DRAGON-X initially launched with 5K capability but after additional software and IPP2 (color science) work, it will be able to capture up to 6K resolution.


When does this change happen?

The firmware update is available now. You can download DSMC2 Release Build V7.3.0 on


Will the price go up?

No, DRAGON-X will still be $14,950


Is it possible to improve the resolution on any of the other current RED cameras?

No, there is no possibility to improve resolution of any of the other current cameras in RED’s lineup. This is a specific and unique circumstance allowing RED to offer the enhancement to the DSMC2 DRAGON-X.


What about the branding/writing on the body of my camera, which says "DRAGON-X 5K"?

RED will provide customers the option to send their DSMC2 DRAGON-X 5K cameras in to have the label updated to 6K. There will be a charge of $150 to have the label updated.


What are the trade-in options for DSMC2 DRAGON-X 6K?

RED will update multiple trade-in paths to support current DSMC customers who wish to move into a DRAGON-X 6K through January 31, 2020.

RED will offer a trade-in credit towards the purchase of a DSMC2 DRAGON- X 6K for RED ONE, SCARLET MYSTERIUM-X, EPIC MYSTERIUM-X, SCARLET DRAGON, EPIC DRAGON ($5000 credit) and RAVEN ($2500 credit) owners.

You can check the eligibility and pricing for your specific upgrade or trade-in with the Upgrade Eligibility tool at

We will also offer upgrade paths SCARLET- W and WEAPON-Mg users with pricing for the upgrade at $4,950.

Trade-In options will be available through RED Direct and RED's Global Dealer Channel.

Starting Dec. 3, 2019 customers began contacting RED to schedule a trade-in, directly with RED, with processing beginning the week of Dec. 17, 2019. Customers can also contact a RED Dealer to trade in their eligible camera towards a new DSMC2 DRAGON-X 6K.

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