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This RED TECH will cover back focus adjustments on the DSMC2 brains. Back focus, when properly set, will ensure that the marks on your lens line up perfectly with the distance to a subject from your camera’s witness mark. All RED cameras come factory calibrated so back focus should only need adjustment if you detect inconsistencies

When assessing back focus, there are two things to consider-- the lens and the camera’s flange depth. This process of checking multiple lenses helps to verify if the camera requires adjustment. If one lens out of the set is off,  it may need to be shimmed by a lens tech. If coming up short, increasing the distance between the sensor and the front flange might fix it, and if deep, try to shorten the distance. Turning clockwise will pull the sensor closer to the front flange, and counter-clockwise will push it further away.

RANGER brains do not have the ability to adjust back focus. Please speak with a dealer or rental house if there are concerns.

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