Tilta - Reported Issues with DSMC2 Camera Cages

Issue Summary:

The following issues have been reported with cameras using Tilta DSMC2 Camera Cages:

  • Cameras losing power or rebooting due to suspected misalignment and connection caused by the Tilta Top Plate spanning across the Tilta I/O Module and BRAIN.
  • Cameras losing power or rebooting while using batteries as the main power source.
  • Cameras losing power or rebooting when the power source exceeds 17 volts when connected to block batteries.
  • Tilta Top Plate 3-pin LEMO does not send Run/Stop trigger to the camera while using the ARRI WCU-4 Follow Focus.
  • Some gold pins may oxidize over time on the Tilta Top Plate B1. This oxidation restricts power and communication for the Genlock, Trigger, and Timecode ports on the top plate. 


Tilta Camera Cage for RED DSMC2 – A1 and B1 products have been suspended from the RED APPROVED Third-Party Products program. Click here for more information.

Tilta ceased shipping Cage A1 and Cage B1, and is working to resolve the issues with an open line of communication to RED during this process.

Contact Tilta Customer Support for repair or replacement information. 

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