WCU-4 Does Not Trigger Properly with the DSMC2 Tactical Top Plate

Known Issue ID: 16502

Issue Summary:

When triggering record from a WCU-4 through the DSMC2 Tactical Top Plate via Cable CAM (7p) - RS, the camera will start recording. If you hit the record button again, it won't stop until you stop recording from the camera. You cannot trigger record again until you reconnect the cable.This issue found in v7.2.0, but is believed to be in older firmware versions.

Found in Firmware Version:


Target Firmware Fix:



If you have a DSMC2 Production Module, we recommend utilizing that for Start Stop. If you are using DSMC2 Base Expander or V-Lock I/O Module, use ARRI's Cable CAM (7p) - RED CTRL/D-Tap via the CTRL port (not the SYNC port) and enabling REDLINK Command Protocol.

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