RED MINI-MAG Does Not Mount to Camera

Known Issue ID: 15320

Issue Summary:

When mounting the RED MINI-MAG to the camera, this error message may display: "Could not mount the media in the Side SSD; to try again, please remove the media from the camera and re-insert

Target Firmware Fix:



Remove and reinsert the RED MINI-MAG slowly per the following process: 1) Fully power down camera, waiting for fans to stop spinning. 2) Power up camera and allow to initialize. 3) Insert the RED MINI-MAG into DSMC2 Side Media Bay. 4) Leave RED MINI-MAG inserted for at least three minutes. 5) If RED MINI-MAG does not mount, eject RED MINI-MAG and repeat steps 1-4. 6) If issue persists, please file a Support ticket. If you have access to alternative RED MINI-MAG, please save a camera log file and include it when reaching out to Support.

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