Sending Items to RED for Service

If your RED device requires service, submit a support request. Once you have received a Service Order (SOR) and shipping instructions from a RED Support Agent, you are clear to ship your item to RED for service.

I’ve received my Service Order Number and shipping instructions. How do I ship my order to RED?

RED recommends using a traceable shipping carrier (RED approved carriers: FedEx, UPS, DHL) and does not recommend using regular mail (USPS). Package your item however you see fit, whether that be in original packaging or packing material.

Can I drop off my Service Order at a RED location?

No, RED locations are not set up for in person drop-off or pick-up. Please contact your Sales or Support Agent for assistance coordinating shipping.

I’ve shipped my Service Order to RED. Now what?

RED will provide you with an evaluation update or applicable Pro Forma Invoice within 7-10 business days after receiving your order at RED Headquarters. If payment is necessary, we will provide you with a Pro Forma Invoice and payment instructions at that time. We may require an additional 3-5 business days for final testing. These estimates do not include transit time to and from RED Headquarters.

How can I receive updates on my Service Order?

To track the progress of your Service Order, sign in to and click the Service Requests tab.


Do you offer an expedited service?

Service Orders are processed in the order they are received at RED Headquarters. RED strives to provide the fastest service possible to get your product back in your hands.

Will there be a minimum fee applied to my order?

Please be aware that any items sent in for evaluation that result in the following outcome "No Trouble Found - NTF" can be subject to a $100.00 evaluation fee regardless of any existing warranty coverage. In the event you decline repairs and request your item to be sent back to you, an evaluation fee plus shipping charge will be quoted prior to your item being shipped. For more information regarding this, please visit the RED Terms and Conditions, section 8.

Do you offer a general evaluation or cleaning?

Yes, you are welcome to send your camera to RED for a health check. Please note this service is not offered for discontinued products. Upon completion of the evaluation, we will provide you with a Pro Forma Invoice for the evaluation and/or cleaning.

Will my camera be returned with the latest firmware?

Yes, RED cameras sent to an Authorized RED Service Center for repair or upgrade will ship back with the current release build installed. You must notify RED Support in advance if you require a specific firmware version earlier than the current release build installed. Visit the RED Downloads page for additional information on upgrading RED product firmware and significant updates since previous firmware builds.

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