DSMC2 GEMINI 5K S35 Trade-In Follow

RED offers the Trade-In options described in the table below through RED Authorized Dealers. To learn more about an upgrade option or to request the upgrade, click the corresponding link in the Trade-In Type column.

You may also visit RED's Upgrades & Trade-Ins page here, select the camera model you currently own, and view all upgrade and trade-in options available on that camera.

Camera Type Trade-In Type Price (USD) Price (GBP) Price (EUR)
SCARLET-W DSMC2 GEMINI 5K S35 Trade-In $12,500 £10,000 €11,500
DSMC2 GEMINI 5K S35 Trade-In $14,500 £11,550 €13,250


As part of the DSMC2 GEMINI 5K Trade-In, the DSMC2 GEMINI comes with a 2-year standard warranty. 

If the camera you are trading in has NOT entered the extended warranty (RED ARMOR) period (i.e., you are still under the original warranty), then that warranty will carry over to your new camera.

If the camera you are trading in is in the extended warranty (RED ARMOR) period, then that balance does not carry over to the new camera. 


You are eligible for the upgrades listed above if you purchased the camera directly from RED, completed the Transfer of Ownership process, or submitted a Camera Registration Form.


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