RED EPIC-W Board Upgrade

**NOTE: This upgrade will be discontinued on December 31st, 2021. Last chance to schedule your upgrade now.

RED offers a DSMC2 Board Upgrade for RED EPIC-W HELIUM cameras. The upgrade replaces the boards in RED EPIC-W BRAINs to provide these cameras with the full power of the DSMC2 BRAIN.

To request the upgrade, submit your information here.

You may also visit RED's Upgrades & Trade-Ins page here, select the camera model you currently own, and view all upgrade options available on that camera.

Camera Type Upgrade Type



You are eligible for the upgrades listed above if you purchased the camera directly from RED, completed the Transfer of Ownership process, or completed the Camera Registration process.

Get Started

To request the upgrade, submit your information here.

What is Upgraded?

Your camera's internal boards will be replaced, as well as any cosmetic branding on the camera's exterior to match the new body type. The serial number remains the same.

What to Expect

Once you request this upgrade, RED will provide you with a Service Order (SOR) number and shipping instructions.

  • You are responsible for shipping your EPIC-W HELIUM to RED
  • The existing camera body will be upgraded, only replacing the required parts and enclosures to convert your camera into DSMC2 HELIUM
  • The camera's Hours of Operation will remain the same
  • Payment is required prior to shipping the upgraded camera back to you


Upgrading via the DSMC2 HELIUM Board Upgrade extends the warranty of your camera from 1 year to 2 years, from the original purchase date or 90 days, whichever is greater.  All customers completing the upgrade are eligible to purchase RED Extended Warranty while the camera is within the warranty period. 

Upgrade Sales Tax

If you take delivery of your upgraded camera in the US, sales tax is applicable in certain states. You will be charged sales tax on the full retail price of the upgrade.

If you take delivery of your upgraded camera in the European Union, Value Added Tax (VAT) may be applied where applicable.

Shipping Costs

You are responsible for shipping your camera to RED.

RED recommends that you use a traceable and insurable carrier when shipping to RED.

RED will cover the return shipping back to you after the upgrade is completed. 

Shipping Locations

Once you have been issued a service order number, you can send your camera to any of the worldwide RED facilities.

NOTE: The upgrade is performed exclusively at RED Headquarters in Irvine, CA and RED China in Beijing, China. If you send your camera to other RED facilities, that will add to the anticipated turnaround time.

Location Name Location Upgrade Drop-Off
RED Headquarters Foothill Ranch, CA ✔︎  
RED Store Hollywood Los Angeles, CA X ✔︎
RED Europe Ltd. Bucks, England X  
RED China Beijing, China ✔︎ ✔︎


Turnaround Time

The estimated turnaround time is 7 to 10 business days. 

NOTE: The turnaround time does not include the transit time to and from the drop-off RED facilities.

NOTE: Any other offered or requested service options are processed separately and add to the anticipated turnaround time. 


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