DSMC2/RANGER - Perform a Stress Test

Perform a stress test before important projects to ensure the reliability and stability of your gear. A stress test subjects your DSMC®  system and equipment to the increased stress of prolonged operation. If any components are developing issues, this test will help identify those problems before you have an equipment failure during a major shoot.

  1. Configure your camera.
  2. Perform a black shade calibration (sensor calibration).
  3. Enable the Sensor Test Pattern in the Maintenance menu.
  4. Select the resolution that you want.
  5. Select the highest available frame rate.
  6. Perform a secure format of the SSD.
  7. Record a full SSD of footage.
  8. Perform a secure format of the SSD.
  9. Repeat step 6 to step 8 to test multiple SSDs.

NOTE: If an error occurs, save a log file and submit a Support ticket.

NOTE: Problems or dropped frames found during the stress test display as “Errors” in the bottom of the user interface.

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