DSMC2/RANGER - 8K Sensors and Rolling Shutter Skew Effects

In general, RED recommends capturing at the highest resolution possible when detail and image quality are most important. However, for specialty shots that require unusually* fast panning, all digital cinema cameras may exhibit skew effects with their default rolling shutter.

When using a RED camera with an 8K sensor, you can crop down to a lower resolution and achieve performance as good as or better than that of a RED camera with a RED DRAGON sensor:

  • At 6K, the skew is reduced by over 35% (compared to 8K).
  • At 4K the skew is reduced by a full 50% (compared to 8K).

Lowering the resolution is usually the best solution since rapid camera movements have a lot of inherent motion blur and therefore do not require as much resolution.

Alternatively, the RED MOTION MOUNT® incorporates a global shutter mechanism that eliminates panning-induced skew entirely.

*All film and digital cameras are susceptible to artifacts when the camera movement is fast compared to the frame rate. For this reason the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) and many other professional organizations have recommended panning settings based on the lens focal length, frame rate, and shutter angle. RED has put together a page that summarizes these best practices here, along with a tool that calculates the recommended settings for you here.

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