RED Owner Pricing - Program Details Follow

On October 11th, 2016, RED announced special pricing for registered RED camera owners and for customers that have placed a deposit for a RED RAVEN 4.5K or SCARLET-W 5K.

The current RED Owner Pricing program will close on September 28, 2017. To remain eligible for this special pricing, customers must pay for their order and have a service order assigned by this date.

This article outlines the upgrade and trade-in options available to owners of each camera type.

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Owners of the RED cameras listed below are eligible for RED Owner Pricing if they either purchased directly from RED, completed the Transfer of Ownership process, or submitted a Camera Registration Form before October 11th, 2016.

Customers who have an invoiced deposit for a SCARLET-W 5K or RED RAVEN 4.5K - either directly through RED or an Authorized RED Dealer - before October 11th, 2016 are also eligible for RED Owner Pricing.  

Choose your RED camera type below to view available upgrade options through RED Owner Pricing:

NOTE: Customers who have an invoiced deposit for a SCARLET-W 5K (SCARLET DRAGON Owner) Package, a WEAPON Carbon Fiber or Magnesium 6K Upgrade Package, or a RED DRAGON 8K VV Sensor Upgrade Pre-Order, and you would like to switch to a RED Owner Pricing upgrade option, please contact your Bomb Squad Sales representative directly. 

NOTE: RED Authorized Rental Houses should contact their RED representative to order upgrades.


Upgrade Sales Tax

If you take delivery of your new or upgraded camera BRAIN in California, Florida, New York, or Washington, then applicable sales tax is applied.  You will be charged sales tax on the full retail price of the BRAIN, not the retail value less your upgrade credit.

If you take delivery of your new or upgraded camera BRAIN in the European Union, Value Added Tax (VAT) may be applied where applicable.


Shipping Costs

You are responsible for shipping your camera BRAIN to RED for the upgrade. You are also responsible for the return shipment of your new or upgraded camera order.

NOTE: RED recommends that you use a traceable and insurable carrier when shipping your camera BRAIN to the RED upgrade facility.


Send in your camera BRAIN with the side SSD module and front body cap installed.


Shipping & Drop-Off Locations

Once you have been issued a Service Order number by RED, you can send or drop-off your camera BRAIN to the below worldwide RED facilities

Location Name Location Sensor Upgrade Trade-In Drop-Off
RED Headquarters Irvine, CA ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎
RED Store Hollywood Los Angeles, CA X ✔︎
RED New York New York, NY X ✔︎
RED Miami Miami, FL X ✔︎
RED Europe Ltd. Bucks, England ✔︎ ✔︎  ✔︎
RED Digital China Shanghai, China ✔︎  ✔︎


Turnaround Time

The estimated turnaround time to complete the upgrade process is 7 to 10 business days from the time that your camera is received at the RED upgrade facility until the time your new or upgraded camera is ready to be shipped out to you.

NOTE: The turnaround time does not include the transit time to and from the RED Drop-Off Locations.

NOTE: Any other offered or requested service options are processed separately and will add to the estimated turnaround time. 



If you cancel your BRAIN, upgrade, or trade-in order at any time, you can reorder at a later date - as long as the program or product is still available.

If your BRAIN, upgrade, or trade-in order is allocated and you do not move forward within 10 business days, RED will re-allocate your spot to the next customer in line. If you decide to move forward within 90 days of your allocation date, RED will work you into the next delivery.

If your BRAIN, upgrade, or trade-in order is allocated and you do not take action to upgrade within 90 days, RED will cancel your order. If the upgrade or trade-in program you originally ordered has expired at that time, you will not be eligible to reorder. If you reorder after RED cancels your order and the program or product is still available, your order will be entered at the time and date of reordering.


RED Account Troubleshooting

If you cannot see an eligible serial number when you sign into your RED account, then the serial number may not yet be registered to your account.

Please contact your Bomb Squad sales representative directly for further assistance.

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