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What is the RED Camera Builder?

The RED Camera Builder is a camera configuration tool that helps you put together a fully functional camera rig.

Whether you are just entering the RED ecosystem or need a rig that will be used on a big set, the RED Camera Builder can help you customize a RED camera setup that is right for you.


How do I use the RED Camera Builder?

The RED Camera Builder guides you through configuring a full camera setup, one component at a time. On the first page, select a camera BRAIN. The frame rates, resolutions, and other tech specs are listed for each camera, so that you can select the best fit for your needs.

Click Build -> when you are ready to start your camera build. Each following page will guide you through choosing the other items needed for a full kit.


How do I buy something from the RED Camera Builder?

The RED Camera Builder is integrated with our online RED Store. Once you have put together a 'build' that you are happy with, you can "Add Items to Cart" by clicking Review in Cart. This will take all the products that you selected in builder and populate those items in your cart (which is connected to your account). Then, you can change quantities, add/remove items, and make a purchase

You can also use the builder simply as a tool to help you customize a fully functional RED camera system that works for you.


How do I get to the RED Camera Builder?

Click here to go to the RED Camera Builder.

There are a number of ways to get there including the main navigation Store > Build Your Camera as well as the Homepage Shop Tile. We will continue to improve the online experience and make it easier for you to build (or just test build) the camera you want.


Is RED Camera Builder offered in all countries?

Not at this time. It is currently only supported for RED (United States) and REL (RED Europe Limited) and is integrated with those online stores.


Why don't I see all RED cameras in the builder?

The RED Camera Builder does not include each and every camera BRAIN and accessory that RED offers. The BRAINs and items within the builder are representative of the most popular and widely used cameras and items based on our customer’s feedback. The Builder is designed to help you assemble a fully functional camera system—and lets you shop the rest of the store and customize your rig from there.


How do I know that all items in my build will be compatible with each other?

The RED Camera Builder is carefully designed to ensure that all items shown on each page will be compatible with the items you have already selected in your build. Also, the builder ensures that you will have all items necessary to create a fully functional camera system.

Once you add your build to your cart, you will have the option to adjust quantities or add other items that you might need for your custom camera setup.

IMPORTANT: Removing any of the items chosen in Camera Builder from your cart may break the compatibility of your camera system. If you have any questions about compatibility, please contact your Bomb Squad representative.


The RED Camera Builder doesn't let me add more than one of any media option. How do I buy more media?

Once you add your build to your cart, you can view your shopping cart and adjust quantities. To add more or different media capacities, head to the Media section on


Can I build or buy multiple cameras?

The RED Camera Builder is designed to help you build one fully functional camera at a time. If you want to buy more than one, you can double the quantity of everything in your cart, or easily walk through the builder steps again.

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