DSMC - AL Leica-M Mount Usage and Supported Lenses

DSMC AL Leica-M Mount Supported Lenses

The DSMC AL Leica-M Mount is compatible with most Leica M-series lenses with focal lengths of 50mm and greater, EXCEPT for the 50mm f2.0 Dual-Range Summicron. The 50mm f2.0 Dual-Range Summicron has a protruding lug on the exterior of the lens body for mounting a supplementary finder. This lug interferes with the locking ring on the DSMC AL Leica-M Mount. Most Leica lenses with focal lengths of less than 50mm will encounter mechanical interference between the rear lens cell and the camera’s front panel.


If you are using an EPIC DRAGON or SCARLET DRAGON camera, you do not need to install a new OLPF frame. You can attach most Leica-M lenses without causing any interference with camera.


If you are using an EPIC MYSTERIUM-X or SCARLET MYSTERIUM-X camera, you need to install a new OLPF frame (included with the DSMC AL Leica-M Mount). Leica-M lenses are incompatible with older models of the OLPF frame originally installed in the EPIC MYSTERIUM-X and SCARLET MYSTERIUM-X.

For more information, go to OLPF Frame Installation Instructions.

WARNING: Attempting to mount Leica lenses of focal lengths of less than 50mm could result in damage to the lens and/or the camera.

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