DSMC PL Mount Usage and Supported Lenses Follow

Positive Lock (PL) Lenses

This article describes the appropriate method for attaching and detaching PL lenses. For more information, refer to the original manufacturer’s instructions. This article also lists lenses supported by the camera PL mounts.

WARNING: ALWAYS protect your equipment, when it is not in use, by replacing lens caps and mount caps.

Camera PL Mount Supported Lenses

The DSMC Mg PL Mount 2.0, DSMC TI PL Mount, and the RED MOTION MOUNT Ti PL are compatible with most standard PL mount cinema lenses and devices.

For information about the compatibility of the RED MOTION MOUNT Ti PL, go to the RED MOTION MOUNT Operation Guide.

WARNING: Using a non-standard PL mount lens or device with a camera PL mount may damage the camera and lens mount. Any damage caused by not using a standard PL mount lens or device will not be covered under warranty.


Fujinon T2.9 Cabrio Premier PL Lenses

NOTE: The VTR switch on the lens is mapped to Record: Toggle by default. The VTR switch can be mapped to another key.

The following Fujinon® T2.9 Cabrio Premier PL lenses are compatible with all camera PL mounts, but must be powered externally and configured a specific way:

  • Fujinon 14-35mm T2.9 Cabrio Premier PL
  • Fujinon 19-90mm T2.9 Cabrio Premier PL

To set up the Fujinon T2.9 Cabrio Premier PL lenses, follow the instructions below. Refer to the manufacturer’s operation manual for detailed information about setting up and using the lens.

  1. Attach the lens to the camera PL mount.
  2. Ensure that the lens has lens firmware v6.4 or later (to check version in the camera, go to Menu > Settings > Setup > Lens > Lens Info). Contact the manufacturer for lens firmware.
  3. On the lens, set the Camera Communication switch to On.
  4. On the lens, set the LDS, /i Select switch to Off.
  5. Connect an external power source to the lens.
  6. In the camera, to Menu > Settings > Setup > Lens.
  7. Deselect the Enable Power to Lens check box. 
    1. NOTE: This option is only available when a camera PL mount is attached to the camera.
  8. The lens should be successfully connected. However, if lens data does not display within 10 seconds, go to Menu > Settings > Setup > Lens and select Detect Lens.


Canon PL Mount Lenses 

The following Canon PL mount lenses are compatible with all camera PL mounts, but must be configured a specific way:

  • Canon CN7x17 KAS S Cine-Servo 17-120mm T2.95
  • Canon CN20x50 IAS H Cine-Servo 50-1000mm

Requirements for using these Canon PL mount lenses:

  •  The lens requires lens firmware v6.4 or later; contact the manufacturer for lens firmware.
  •  In the camera, go to Menu > Settings > Setup > Lens, and select the Enable Power to Lens check box.
  •  RED recommends using an external battery for the lens, since the lens mount provides a limited supply of power to the lens.
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