DSMC Side Handle Upgrade Issues Follow

DSMC Side Handle Upgrade Issue (v6.x)

If your DSMC Side Handle stops working after upgrading your EPIC/SCARLET to firmware v6.3 or later, follow the instructions below:

  1. Remove the DSMC Side Handle.
  2. Downgrade the camera firmware to v6.0.46. During this process, you will be instructed to shut down the camera twice.

  3. Reattach the DSMC Side Handle to confirm that it works as it should with this firmware build.

  4. Upgrade your firmware to the latest version.

DSMC Side Handle Upgrade Issue (v5.3)

Upgrading your EPIC/SCARLET to v5.3 also upgrades the DSMC Side Handle. During the upgrade, you will be instructed to shut down the camera twice so that the firmware upgrades successfully. Any DSMC Side Handle that is upgraded to v5.3 can only be used with cameras running v5.2 or later. In order to use a DSMC Side Handle with v5.1 after you have upgraded it to v5.3, first downgrade to v5.2, and then downgrade to v5.1.


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