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RED® offers a financing option for eligible customers in USA, Canada, and most of Europe through SoCal Leasing, Azule and abcfinance.

  • USA and Canada: For more information, go to SoCal Leasing.
  • Europe (see page for countries covered): For more information, go to Azule.
  • Germany and Austria: For more information, go to abcfinance.



Financing is available to individuals in corporations, LLCs, partnerships, sole proprietors, and startup businesses located in the USA, Canada, and most of Europe.


Payment Type for Financing

When placing an order that will use financing, please select Wire Transfer as your payment type when placing an order that will use financing. Once a Bomb Squad representative follows up with you regarding your order, please inform them that you have a finance application pending. Your Bomb Squad representative will ensure that your order processes in a timely manner, depending on item availability, once you have finalized your financing.



Can I finance my deposit?

Deposit financing options are available via SoCal Leasing. For more information, RED recommends you contact SoCal Leasing directly to speak to one of their representatives.


Where is the application for financing?

To apply, go to SoCal Leasing’s Express Application Page.


What are the steps for financing with a small business?

After you have applied via SoCal Leasing's Express Application Page, a SoCal representative will reach out to you within 24 business hours to request additional information.

They will request ONE of the following pieces of information:

  • Earliest 1099 from a paid job
  • Fictitious business name statement / DBA Filing
  • Business License
  • Schedule C – Document that is filed with your personal 1040 tax returns (profit and loss)

Once you've submitted all the necessary paperwork, SoCal will confirm whether or not you have been approved for financing along with the amount you have been approved for.

Your Bomb Squad Representative will then reach out to you to assist you with putting together your desired package.

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