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The WEAPON® DRAGON Upgrade allows you to upgrade your EPIC DRAGON and SCARLET DRAGON® to a WEAPON Woven CF 6K Upgrade Package.

For more information, go to WEAPON Upgrade Pricing.

All parts replaced by RED® during the upgrade are the property of RED and are not returned.



All EPIC RED DRAGON and SCARLET DRAGON BRAIN(s) are eligible for the WEAPON DRAGON upgrade if you either purchased directly from RED or completed the Transfer of Ownership process. 


Upgrade Sales Tax

If you receive your upgraded WEAPON DRAGON Package in California, Florida, New York, or Washington, then applicable sales tax is applied.

If you receive your upgraded WEAPON DRAGON Package in the European Union, Value Added Tax (VAT) may be applied where applicable.


Shipping Costs

You are responsible for shipping your EPIC DRAGON or SCARLET DRAGON to RED for the WEAPON Upgrade. You are also responsible for the shipping of your WEAPON order.

Send in the following items for the WEAPON DRAGON upgrade: 


Shipping Locations

Once you have been issued a service order number, you can send your EPIC DRAGON or SCARLET DRAGON to any of the worldwide RED facilities.

NOTE: The upgrade is performed exclusively at RED Headquarters and RED Europe Ltd. If you send your camera to other RED facilities, that will add to the anticipated turnaround time.

Location Name Location Modification Drop-Off
RED Headquarters Irvine, CA ✔︎ ✔︎
RED Store Hollywood Los Angeles, CA X ✔︎
RED New York New York, NY X ✔︎
RED Miami Miami, FL X ✔︎
RED Europe Ltd. Bucks, England X ✔︎
Seika Digital Image Corporation Tokyo, Japan X ✔︎
Real Image Media Technologies Mumbai, India X ✔︎
Salon Films Hong Kong, China X ✔︎
DVInside Seoul, South Korea X ✔︎


Turnaround Time

The turnaround time is 7 to 10 business days. 

NOTE: The turnaround time does not include the transit time to and from the drop-off RED facilities.

NOTE: Any other offered or requested service options are processed separately and add to the anticipated turnaround time. 


Reorder WEAPON

You can reorder your WEAPON DRAGON upgrade order at a later date. However, you lose your original time stamped place in line upon cancelation.



While there is no path for EPIC MYSTERIUM-X® or SCARLET MYSTERIUM-X owners to upgrade to WEAPON, the RED Owner Pricing program does have a path for upgrading to RED EPIC-W 8K.

For full RED Owner Pricing information and upgrade options, visit the RED Owner Pricing - Program Details article.


RED Account Troubleshooting

If you cannot see an eligible serial number when you sign into your RED account, then the WEAPON DRAGON upgrade pre-order may already be placed for the eligible camera serial number or the upgrade may not yet be available for your account. 

Please contact your Bomb Squad representative for further assistance.

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