17-50mm Lens Cap Upgrade Follow

The 17-50mm Lens Cap Upgrade Program gives you a new 17-50mm Lens Cap that replaces the 67mm center pinch snap-on lens cap and provides an improved protective cover for the RED® PRO Zoom 17-50mm V2. 



Any RED PRO Zoom 17-50mm V2 invoiced on or before August 29, 2012 is eligible for the Lens Cap Upgrade.

Any RED PRO Zoom 17-50mm V2 invoiced after August 29, 2012 includes the upgraded lens cap and does not need the Lens Cap Upgrade.


Shipping Costs

RED covers shipping the 17-50mm Lens Cap to you.


Turnaround Time

The turnaround time is 3 to 5 business days.

NOTE: Any other offered or requested service options are processed separately and add to the anticipated turnaround time. 


Request the Upgrade

To request the 17-50 Lens Cap Upgrade, please submit a request on support.red.com.

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