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Pre-orders began December 10, 2015.



SCARLET-W includes a 1-year standard warranty. You can purchase an optional extended warranty that extends your standard warranty by 2 years.


Switch Orders

You can switch your camera order to another camera, or apply a camera deposit to a new camera order. To make changes to your order, contact your Bomb Squad representative.


Upgrade Paths

There is no upgrade program to SCARLET-W.

Customers with a SCARLET-W deposit invoiced before October 11, 2016 are eligible to switch to a RED EPIC-W with HELIUM 8K S35 sensor at the RED Owner price of $19,500 or a WEAPON with HELIUM 8K S35 sensor at the RED Owner price of $39,500.

Customers who owned a SCARLET-W before October 11, 2016 are eligible to return the SCARLET-W with RED DRAGON 5K sensor in exchange for a RED EPIC-W with HELIUM 8K S35 sensor at the RED Owner price of $9,550 or in exchange for a WEAPON with HELIUM 8K S35 sensor at the RED Owner price of $34,550.


Upgrade to SCARLET-W

There is no upgrade program for SCARLET-W. Instead, RED® offers a package for current SCARLET DRAGON® owners that allows SCARLET DRAGON owners to purchase a SCARLET-W Base I/O V-Lock Package at a lower price and keep their SCARLET DRAGON.



SCARLET DRAGON owners are eligible for special package pricing of the SCARLET-W Base I/O V-Lock package and receive priority in the allocation queue. You can only purchase one (1) package per owned SCARLET DRAGON camera. Sign in to execute an existing camera serial number and claim this package.



When will my SCARLET-W ship?

Orders placed today are expected to ship in Summer 2017.


What are the next steps after I place a deposit?

RED will contact you if more information is needed to complete payment on your deposit. Once your deposit is paid and invoiced, RED will contact you when RED allocates your order.


What documents do I need to provide for a student discount?

Students must provide a current, dated class schedule or transcript. All documents must contain the applicant’s name and the institution’s official seal or logo. For more information about the RED Educational Program, go to Submission Requirements.


What is the best form of payment?

RED accepts credit card, debit card, wire transfer, and check. Generally, the quickest way of providing payment is via credit card.


When should I pre-order SCARLET-W?

Pre-order SCARLET-W as soon as you are ready. As RED is currently experiencing a backorder of SCARLET-W, RED recommends that you place your deposit as early as possible to secure your spot in line. The deposit is 100% refundable until the product ships.

A local dealer may be able to provide a quicker delivery time. For more information about dealers, visit the Authorized Dealers page

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