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SCARLET-W harnesses the raw performance, advanced color science, and impressive dynamic range of the RED DRAGON® sensor. Capable of shooting 5K motion and stills at up to 60 FPS, SCARLET-W offers 13.8 megapixels of resolution for creative control, special effects, and post production mastery. As part of RED's latest generation DSMC2 line, SCARLET-W features numerous enhancements, including simultaneous REDCODE RAW® and Apple ProRes recording, integrated smart connectors for cable-free peripheral attachment, and faster read/write speeds for lower compression—all in a small and lightweight form factor.


Are DSMC lens mounts compatible with SCARLET-W?

Yes. All current DSMC® Lens Mounts are compatible when used with S35 and Full Frame lenses. This includes the DSMC RED MOTION TI PL Mount and DSMC RED MOTION TI Canon Mount.


Is the DSMC Side Handle compatible with SCARLET-W?

No, but you can use the DSMC2 Universal Handle or DSMC2 Outrigger Handle.


What RED media is compatible with SCARLET-W?

RED MINI-MAG® SSDs are compatible with SCARLET-W.


Is the RED ROCKET-X compatible with SCARLET-W footage?



Is the SCARLET-W 5K sensor cropped or full?

SCARLET-W has a Full 5K Super35 sensor.

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