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Frequently asked questions:


How do I place a RED RAVEN deposit?

To place your RED RAVEN® deposit, follow the steps below:

  1. Determine your preferred deposit type.
  2. Select your quantity.
  3. Click the Add to Cart button.

From there, you can add additional deposits or other products to your cart before proceeding to checkout.


Can I make changes to my RED RAVEN package?

No.  RED RAVEN packages are offered at a special price and are not eligible for substitutions or subtractions. You can build a personalized package by purchasing a RED RAVEN BRAIN® with à la carte accessories.

If you have questions about which preconfigured or personalized package works best for you, your Bomb Squad representative can assist you with building a package that fits your needs.


When should I order additional accessories for my RED RAVEN?

Now.  However, if you order accessories in advance of RAVEN BRAIN package allocation, you could potentially receive accessories for your RED RAVEN prior to receiving the BRAIN.


Can I use my WEAPON accessory credit toward the purchase of RED RAVEN?



Can I pay for my RED RAVEN deposit by cash or check instead of credit card or wire transfer?

Yes. To pay for your RED RAVEN deposit by cash or check, select Wire Transfer as your Payment Type. Once RED has received your order, your Bomb Squad representative can advise you on the best way to send your payment to RED.


What happens once I place my deposit for RED RAVEN on

Once you place your deposit for RED RAVEN, you receive an order confirmation email as acknowledgement of your online order. Upon receipt of your order, RED attempts to invoice your deposit based on your chosen payment type. If there is an issue with your payment, your Bomb Squad representative will contact you directly to resolve it. A copy of your deposit invoice can be provided upon request.


What do I do if I ordered the wrong item or want to switch my deposit type?

Contact your Bomb Squad representative directly to make a change to your deposit.


When do I enter the allocation queue?

Your spot in the allocation queue is determined by the date and time your place your order. To lock in your spot, please provide payment within 10 business days.


Is there a deadline to pay for my order?

Yes. Please provide payment within 10 business days to keep your spot in the allocation queue.


How much will I owe for RED RAVEN at the time of shipment?

Your due total is the RED RAVEN BRAIN or package price less your prepaid deposit, not including shipping charges, tax, duties, or fees. Your Bomb Squad representative will provide you with a quote for your due total upon allocation.


Can I cancel my RED RAVEN deposit?

Yes. You can cancel your RED RAVEN deposit at any time and receive a full refund less any processing fees that may be incurred by your bank. There are no RED fees associated with canceling your deposit. To cancel your order, please contact your Bomb Squad representative directly.


When will my RED RAVEN ship?

All current pre-orders are expected to be allocated for delivery by end of 2017.


Can I switch my order to a SCARLET-W?

Yes, you can switch your camera order to another camera. To make changes to your order, contact your Bomb Squad representative.


Are there payment plans for RED RAVEN?

RED offers a financing option for eligible customers in USA, Canada, and most of Europe through SoCal Leasing, Azule, and abcfinance. Customers located in other regions can contact their local dealer for financing options.

For more information, go to Finance Options.

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