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Diagonal Tear on RED Touch 4.7" LCDs and RED Touch 7.0" LCDs

Issue Summary:

The LCD may show a diagonal line or "tear" on startup or when switching between camera formats. The issue is due to a timing mismatch in the display that manifests from corner to corner on the LCD. This issue affects the following LCDS: RED Pro Touch 7.0" LCD (730-0025), DSMC2 RED Touch 4.7" LCD (730-0019), DSMC2 RED Touch 7.0" LCD (730-0024, 730-0018) and RED Touch 7.0" LCD (730-0007).

Potential Resolution:

Toggling the camera format (switching between formats) initializes the LCD image and clears the issue.


LCD Overheating Message


The display shows one of the following messages:

  • LCD is getting hot. Cooling advised.
  • LCD is hot. Cooling advised.

NOTE: The message identifies the affected LCD(s): LCD Top and/or LCD Left.


The LCD (screen) on the DSMC2 Touch 7.0" Ultra-Brite LCD may become hot to the touch in warm environments or when exposed to direct sunlight.

If the camera detects that the LCD is getting hot, the display shows this message:

  • LCD is getting hot. Cooling advised.

Once the LCD becomes too hot, the display shows this message:

  • LCD is hot. Cooling advised.

If you do not want to see these messages, you can disable them. For more information, go to the operation guide for your camera.

Potential Resolutions

Decrease the temperature of the screen.

  • Decrease the ambient temperature.
  • Shade the screen.
  • Angle the LCD so that the screen is not in direct sunlight.
  • Remove the LCD from direct sunlight.


Screen Freezes or Does Not Display


The screen freezes or does not display.

Potential Resolution

Perform a Hard Restore.

For more information, download the corresponding operation guide for your camera.


Cannot See Menus on LCD Touchscreen


The LCD touchscreen does not display menus.

Potential Resolution

Double-tap the LCD touchscreen to exit Clean mode.


LCD Flicker


The LCD or monitor is flickering.

Potential Resolutions

  • Go to Menu > Settings > Display > Monitor Control and adjust the Frequency to 60 Hz.
  • Use a different cable.
  • Ensure cables are properly attached.


Cannot Use Touchscreen or DSMC2 Sidekick


Cannot control the camera via the touchscreen or the DSMC2 Sidekick.

Potential Resolutions

  • Perform a Hard Restore.
  • If you are using an HD-SDI or HDMI monitor, enable menus on the monitors and control the camera via the DSMC2 Sidekick:
    1. Connect an SSD to your computer. On Mac® computers with REDCINE-X PRO®  installed, RED® Watchdog mounts the SSD as Read-Only by default, which means that you are unable to write files (including firmware upgrade files) to the SSD. Change the Mount preference to Read-Write before attempting to copy firmware to the SSD.
    2. On the SSD, create a new folder, and name it force_preset.
    3. Download the DSMC Toolkit.
    4. Open the Preset_Files folder.
    5. Open the folder that corresponds to the firmware version that you are using.
    6. Save the appropriate enable_menus file to the force_preset folder on your SSD.
    7. Eject or unmount the SSD, and then remove the SSD.
    8. Ensure the camera is turned off.
    9. Insert the SSD into the camera.
    10. Turn on the camera. The camera automatically applies the preset.

For more information, download the corresponding operation guide for your camera.

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